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Military Tank Model Kit US Army Patrol Playset
Military Tank Model Kit
Our Price: $9.99
US Army Patrol Set
Our Price: $12.99

Military Tank Model Kit

These classic model tanks would be a great gift for anyone that likes to build classic model, especially military classic models. These models are on a 1:32 scale. The models come in 2 choices, the M3LEE Tank and the M3A2 Carrier

Glorious Mission Military Toy Set

These is another great set by Glorious Mission. You can also pair this with an army men set to make your forces more superior then your opponents. Everything that you see in the puicture comes in the set, the top set and bottom set are sold seperatly.

US Army Patrol Set

Comes with two 3¾ inch US Army Soldier Figures with Full Combat Gear
One Freewheeling Patrol Vehicle or Desert Vehicle with Desert Pattern Painting
Two detachable Backpacks , Play Machine Guns, Pistols and Inter-team mobile included

Figure - Armed Combat Helmet, Mittens, Body Armor, Pattern Webbing, Ankle Boots, Desert Smock and Trousers. Hand and feet joints can be manipulated for a greater degree of movement and more realistic figure poses. The extremely dexterous hands are updated with a more natural texture. The item may be produced and designed on the assumption it will be bought solely for display.
Suitable for Ages 4 and up.

World Peacekeepers Military Buggy Defense Bunker & Communication Post US Army Defense Tower
US Army Defense Tower
Our Price: $19.99

World Peacekeepers Military Buggy

Defense Bunker & Communication Post

Defense Bunker & Communication Post includes:
  • Four US Army Soldiers 3¾” each
  • Each with authentic weapon and backpack
  • Realistic bunker with heavy weapons, ammo box and sand bags
  • Fuel barrel and fuel tank
  • Flag pole and assortment of small weapons and tools
  • Communications Tower with sandbag protection

US Army Defense Tower